Welcome to Moyer Crane Service LLC.  Our business is lifting with cranes.  Whether its a Modular House, Pre-fab Concrete, Steel, Metal Buildings, Trusses or Roof Top Units or whatever you need lifted we can do the job for you.  We are a family owned and operated business with CCO Certified Operator and inspected OSHA compliant cranes.  Since we all know how important safety is we have made this our number one goal, to pick your lift in the safest manner. Our rates are very reasonable and they include our rigging truck, transportation of counterweights and the only other cost we have is for permits to move the crane.  Honesty has always been a trait of Moyer Crane Service and will continue to be a trait in the future.  Knowing this, you can be assured that there will be no hidden costs and if you are looking for a price to do your job we can give you hourly, daily or weekly rates.  We get paid port to port and at this time are not requiring a fuel surcharge.

     We are a third generation operation so crane work and safe lifting come natural.  We take no risks and if you have any questions on the pick or the job site conditions we will come to your site free of charge and inspect all aspects of the pick so the site is ready as well as the necessary rigging is available so there is no last minute rush or unnecessary risks taken. We pride ourselves in our reputation and our equipment and we donít want any damages to your pick or our equipment.

     As one can see we enjoy our work and Iím sure we will enjoy working with you and or your company.  We can offer references and we encourage you to look at some of the photos we have posted.  Thank you for your time.  Give us a call.  You will be glad you did.

Steve Moyer

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